We love design and marketing and want you to love it too! Creative terminology does not have to be confusing and and we love to share our knowledge.

Redstart Creative offers instructional speaking sessions to help your team or organization achieve goals in marketing, advertising, and promotion both online and offline.

Rebecca Teaff, Owner and Chief Creative Officer has spoken at a number of events for non-profits and business owners.

Let us know if there is a topic you’d like to hear about and we can craft a session just for you! Please contact us today to learn more about scheduling a speaking engagement.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design 101

This session will discuss the basics of Graphic Design including:

·  What is design?

·  How to work with design professionals?

·  How to design on your own?

·  Basic design principles



How to Create an Infographic

This session will review the benefits of infographics, discuss why they are effective and provide hands on instruction on creating your own infographic. Bring your computer and layout program (such as InDesign, Publisher, Powerpoint etc.) along with 3-5 key stats for your organization.


Rebecca Teaff

Trends in Annual Reports

Presented by Rebecca Teaff, Chief Creative Officer, this presentation will discuss current trends in annual reports such as donor focus, the combination of print and digital technology, abbreviated annual reports and infographics. It will also review the pros and cons of these trends.


The Ins and Outs of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

What makes direct mail powerful? What makes a mail campaign successful? Why are internal house files important?  The presenters will discuss building a direct mail campaign from the ground up covering design, prospecting, list acquisition and production. Hear why direct mail still works, will always work and how to incorporate it into your campaign. Discover how to use analysis to determine who to mail to and how to find the right partners to develop successful campaigns. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own direct mail samples for specific discussion during a robust Q&A session.



How Does Your Logo Reflect Your Brand? 

This session will cover about the importance of your logo as it relates to your brand.

·  Does your logo accurately express your brand?

·  Does it look professional?

·  Does it reflect the personality of your organization?

Other topics covered will be:

·  Logo evaluation – how is your current logo working?

·  Logo updates – can an update help your logo work better?

·  Complete rebranding efforts – how to start a rebranding effort with your logo.

Digital Marketing

Building Blocks of a Successful Websites

This presentation will discuss the importance of a successful website and the basic building blocks for a successful website.

·  Considering Site Architecture and Navigation

·  Accessibility

·  Responsive Design

·  Choosing and loading images

·  Video – When is it best to use it?

·  Using your blog for return visitors

·  Using your slider to drive your users to calls to action

·  Sidebars and how to use them responsibly

·  Google Analytics

o   Installing on your website and checking that it worked

o   Reading your analytics – When to make changes

o   Submitting site to search engines

o   Organic SEO

o   Tools to track and monitor success

o   Paid SEO – Overview of how it works


Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

This session will discuss how social media plays a role in today’s business world and how to use it effectively.

·  Brief overview of social media channels.

·  Demographics for each social media channel

·  Pick one channel and do it really well before expanding.

·  How to pick the channel that is right for you.