We love design and marketing and want you to love it too! Creative terminology does not have to be confusing and and we love to share our knowledge.

Redstart Creative offers instructional speaking sessions to help your team or organization achieve goals in marketing, advertising, and promotion both online and offline.

Rebecca Teaff, Owner and Chief Creative Officer has spoken at a number of events for non-profits and business owners.

Let us know if there is a topic you’d like to hear about and we can craft a session just for you! Please contact us today to learn more about scheduling a speaking engagement.


The Ins & Outs of a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Using Social Media to Support Your Marketing and Fundraising Goals

Essential Tactics for Building a Great Website

Graphic Design 101

How Does your Logo Reflect Your Brand

How to Create an Infographic

The Art of Effective StoryTelling

Marketing Essentials: What Should Be in Your Plan?

I really admired your easy communication style, your clarity, and the quality of information you were willing to share. I never felt like you were pitching your services but what you were sharing in both cases was valuable information that you could easily charge for. I really respect that generosity and it has benefited my ministry immensely.

Kaely Linker
Pregnancy Clinic

I have been fortunate to see and hear Rebecca speak twice in recent months. Her presentation style is highly engaging and interactive. She tailors the content of each presentation to the target audience, anticipating what information they will want and need, as well as the questions and concerns they may raise. Her presentations frequently anticipate these items, and in cases when a question or comment goes beyond what she has already prepared, she draws upon a wealth of experience and existing best practices in her responses. Rebecca is also extremely approachable in terms of follow-up and consultation afterward, freely giving of her time and insights.

Jeffrey D. Samuels, Ph.D.
President and CEO, World Languages 2060
Essential Tactics for Building a Great Website

Rebecca’s session provided a ton of useful information that I could implement right away. I appreciated that she was open and candid about what we needed to know about marketing, especially for small nonprofits or those without a budget to pay someone. It truly was a learning experience and not a “sales pitch” where you only get about half the information you need. Definitely one of the best conference sessions I’ve attended in a long time.

Wendy Jeffries
Executive Director, TasteWise Kids
Marketing Essentials: What Should Be in Your Plan?



Be Heard Podcast
Be Heard Podcast
The Sparkle Hour. Trigger warning: infertility and pregnancy loss are discussed.
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One Simple Shift Podcast
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Branding Outside The Box

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Maryland Nonprofits 2017 Conference Planning Committee

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Maryland Non-Profits Conference

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Maryland Non-Profits Annual Tech to Tell Your Story

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Maryland Non-Profits Annual Tech to Tell Your Story

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