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Are you a part of an organization with a great mission but feel that you’re missing some pieces to the marketing puzzle? Maybe you’re
trying to get your message across to your audience but feel like you could use a better designed website, or haven’t worked through the branding process? So much of branding and marketing stems from a solid foundation. We are excited to offer this series that will help you navigate key steps of the branding and messaging process–using the same methods we use with our one-on-one clients to create clear messaging and the results they want!

The series will consist of 6 modules. You’ll dive deep into your business and “find your why” throughout the series. You’ll also learn how to develop your brand message, your visual brand and make your website work for you. Then, we will discuss how to make all of this work together in ongoing digital marketing as well as how to create powerful direct mail campaigns and annual reports to reach your donors.


What’s Your Why? – Develop Your Brand Message
Look at Me – Develop Your Visual Brand
Break Through the Crowd – Make Your Website Work for You
Digital Marketing – Strategies for Social Media and Email
Developing an Annual Report
Developing a Direct Mail Campaign


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