Rebecca Teaff
Rebecca Teaff

Chief Creative Officer & Founder

The heart of my design philosophy is that great design not only looks good but needs to clearly communicate to its audience to be successful. I enjoy collaborating on teams, solving problems and coming up with unique solutions for our clients. In my spare time I dream up ways to more efficiently color code my calendar and spend time with my family – husband, son and two dogs.

+443.798.2773 ext. 1

Gretchen Laufer

Operations Director

I can juggle 10 different things at once (metaphorically speaking of course). That is why you will find me behind the scenes at Redstart. I estimate, invoice, develop production schedules and coordinate designers, as well as manage the very active social life of two kids, coach soccer, volunteer at my kids’ school and try to hit the gym daily. Oh wait, that is only 8. I’m sure I can find 2 more things to do.

+443.798.2773 ext. 2

Elisa Watson

Print Creative Director

I’m in love with type and image, and how they work together to communicate multiple forms of content. My many years working with non-profits has allowed my inner marketer to shine and help guide clients in the right direction. I utilize my background in fine art and decades of experience to approach every project with a unique perspective. And being a proud new mom means juggling it all and working efficiently!

Erin Black

Digital Director

I’m goal driven, relationship focused and always up for a challenge. I am passionate about my work and the work my clients do for others. Beyond my job I love to run, cook and soak up every minute I can with my two daughters, husband and dog.

Dominic Vecchiollo

Digital Web Strategist

Dominic Vecchiollo has built a career straddling the divide between business and design, helping entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and associations capitalize on the strategic power of design in marketing. He has helped entrepreneurs market various offerings, nonprofits and associations expand their membership bases, and government agencies promote public service messages.

As Redstart Creative’s digital creative director he balances the business of creativity with the art of creation, making sure our clients’ projects meet their goals on time and within budget while improving the user experience and creating delight for clients and their audiences along the way.

Shana Dewitt
Shana Dewitt

Digital Strategist

I create content marketing strategies that make businesses stand out and get their message heard! I enjoy helping businesses of all sizes reach their ideal audience so they can serve more people. When I am not working you can find me planning my next adventure with my family.

Bridget Parlato

Graphic Designer

My work as a designer/artist/activist in Baltimore is a mix of cause-related and community work. Living in Baltimore has largely shaped what, why and how I create, which I do in a variety of mediums. With a background in design and sculpture and head of Baltimore Trash Talk (my community anti-trash initiative) my work has come an adventure in raising awareness and creating change through creativity. Sculptures have become campaigns, trash has become wearable art, concerns have become purpose – and purpose is one of the key elements to being happy.

Carrie Flora
Carrie Flora

Project Manager

I am a type A personality with a fun loving “B” side. I like big picture thinking with color-coded details. My professional experience spans sales, advertising, social media, marketing, development, account management and more. I have worked in non-profit and for-profit sectors, both private and public. I feel this breadth of experience allows me to draw on various perspectives to solve client challenges. When I’m not working I’m organizing my kids’ legos , finding the best gluten free restaurants and advocating for better mental health care for moms.

Henry Mortimer

Content Strategy

I am a writer who enjoys, well, writing. I have written everything from poems, songs, stories, and plays (as well as novels-in progress and other doodles), to essays, reviews, and criticism. I manage, an occasional blog about bands, books, beer, and other distractions. In my spare time, I work as a content strategist and communications consultant. I live in Baltimore with my wife and children.

+443.798.2773 ext. 10

Paul Young

Web Developer

Trained as a graphic designer, I’ve worked my way into the web design/development field, keeping a focused eye on front end design and back end code. When it comes to customization I strive to get you what you need. When I’m not being creative I’m hanging out with my wife, two kids, and three cats!

Alli McAuley
Alli McAuley

Web Developer

I’ve been told I’m a workaholic. The truth is, I love what I do. I view every project as an opportunity to raise the bar and find the best possible visual solution. The end result? You look good.

Maggie Mills
Maggie Mills


Writing gives me the opportunity to share good news about great people. I tell the stories of individuals and organizations who are working to make the world a better place.
It is my great blessing to live in Charleston, SC where I serve as the Director of Special Events for the Charleston American Marketing Association, joyfully share my home as a puppy foster for Pet Helpers, and am proud to be a Dragon Boat team member. You might also see me wearing a pink hard hat when I’m pitching in with Habitat for Humanity.


Katie Mychailyszyn

Creative Design

As a designer with over ten years of experience and now a mother of two kids under 3, I find both of my jobs have a lot in common—both sometimes wake you up at 2am, both are better executed on a cup of coffee with a side of creativity, and both require a great deal of love and attention to be done well.

George Hoffmann

Production Design

I keep my eye on the details to get things done. With an ever growing mind, I am always up for trying something new. I’m creative. You can’t expect me to be neat and tidy too.

+443.798.2773 ext. 3

Ally Brocious

Production Design

I am passionate about art and design and enjoy the challenge of working to bring a project from concept to completion. As project manager I provide project oversight and design direction, working with clients or collaborating with my team to communicate ideas creatively and effectively. When not at my desk you’ll likely find me in the garden or tending to the chicks or bees. I love to travel and I love live music, and especially love when these forces combine.

+443.798.2773 ext. 8