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Case Study

We love social media strategy and when we looked in the mirror we were lacking consistency big time. Turns out there is some truth in the shoemaker’s children going barefoot. The
time had come to dedicate time and energy towards sprucing up our own social media strategy. Here’s an overview of how we did it and what resulted from our efforts.


Redstart Creative


1. With an ever-growing shift of audiences from traditional media channels to social media channels, we knew it was important to take a look at our own social media presence.

2. Like many small businesses, we had a social media presence that was haphazard. There was not an intentional strategy behind our presence.

3. Our social media channels did not match our visual brand identity. As a creative communications firm specializing in strategic design, we had an opportunity to show how impactful design can be.


1. We identified the categories of content we would share on our social media channels. These included: 1) motivation & inspiration, 2) non-profit marketing tips & research, 3) client work samples, and 4) behind-the-scenes of the people doing the work.

2. We carefully chose the social media channels that would be the best t for our brand. Those channels are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and of course, our blog. All very popular and mainstream social media sites that would encompass the best reach.

3. Because of our expertise in creating communications for the non-profit sector, we realized this was a huge opportunity to position ourselves as experts in non-profit marketing. Sharing up-to-the-minute trends and studies in the non-profit scene would also help us attract even more change-makers!

4. We brainstormed potential content ideas: Inspirational quotes from thought leaders that share our values. Lists of blog post ideas. Recent work we wanted to share. We got it all down so that when the time came to craft our social media calendar, the content was there.


1. We identified a social media management system that would allow us to maintain a regular online presence without having to manage it all the time. Our system involved meeting monthly to plan out a month’s worth of content ideas.

2. Utilizing HootSuite, our preferred social media management program, our social media brand strategist was able to schedule social media posts a month in advance. Having a schedule set for the month helps to prevent gaps in communication to our audience while proactively growing our presence and still leaving room for flexibility.

3. Our social media brand strategist not only ensures that our posts are scheduled throughout each of our media channels, she also monitors the comments to ensure that we are responding to questions and feedback quickly.


Since launching our revamped social media presence at the beginning of 2016, our engagement and inquiries have increased significantly. These are the results of our social media efforts over the last 6-month period:


  • 46% increase in post engagement, from 570 to 847

  • 12% increase in page “Likes”, from 362 to 412


  • 43% increase in followers, from 1,084 to 1,553

  • 50% increase in average likes, from 54 to 81 per post

We’ve really enjoyed the deepening connection that these efforts have garnered us. As a bonus, we are are finding an endless supply ideas of how we can serve our audience better!

“We’ve really enjoyed the deepening connection that these efforts have garnered us. As a bonus, we are are finding an endless supply ideas of how we can serve our audience better!”

Rebecca Teaff, Chief Creative Officer

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